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    Welcome to Anphillia Ascension - Please Read


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    Welcome to Anphillia Ascension - Please Read Empty Welcome to Anphillia Ascension - Please Read

    Post by InFliCtSuiCidE on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:01 pm

    Hello! Just wanted to welcome everyone to the new Anphillia Ascension forums. I'm happy to be able to host Anphillia so that all members of the existing Anphillia community, along with newcomers, can enjoy this classic module.

    I know some of you have been wondering what's going on with the server.

    Currently, we are running Anphillia V2. For anyone who knows about the public version of that module, you'll remember that the scripts are not editable. As such, there hasn't been much that I've done to the module, in hopes that I will be able to acquire a better module - hopefully V3, that is easily editable and slightly more up to date.

    I'm currently talking to several individuals who may be able to get me Anphillia V3, so hopefully here within the next week or so we'll be able to make the upgrade.

    Once that's been completed, I should be able to get to work updating some of the scripts/content, modernizing everything, etc.

    For those of you curious about my choice of module, I do have access to, and have extensively investigated some of the newer Anphillia modules, including Genesis, Exodus and Continuum. However, I have determined that their reliance upon CEP 2.X (which I'm not a fan of, from either a player's or builder's perspective) along with a myriad of unnecessary and unbalanced mechanics, are not appropriate for the vision I have for Anphillia going forward.

    Neverwinter Nights is almost thirteen years old; I realize that the vast majority of communities surrounding NWN have died out over the last several years, for a variety of reasons. I have the utmost respect for the Anphillia community for keeping itself fairly well intact, even without always having a server to call home.

    I know that all players are looking for fresh content, module updates, balanced gameplay, while not losing the nostalgic feel that Anphillia should bring them. In all aspects of this ideal, I (along with any current or future staff members) will strive to keep players interested in this wonderful world, while not twisting or distorting it to such an extent that it no longer tugs at your heartstrings or fails to bring back the positive memories associated with it.

    As such, players should feel free to contact me to make suggestions for improvements to the module. While this is never going to be the powergaming Anphillia server of more recent memory with free AFK XP for all, I am more then open to suggestions for improved in-game systems like banking, ideas for new dungeons or areas that thematically fit within the world of Anphillia, etc. Feel free to contact me at any time via these forums, Facebook, Skype, or e-mail to speak with me about any suggestions/ideas/concerns you may have.

    While I may not be able to make everyone happy, I can sure as shit try to create the best experience on this server for the largest amount of players possible.

    Thanks for playing, and I hope to have lots more exciting news for everyone soon!

    - Gunner -

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