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    Post by InFliCtSuiCidE on Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:42 am

    Hello there everyone; since I'm starting to see some renewed activity on the server, I'm going to make an extra effort to be online more frequently over the coming weeks; both to interact with new and existing players, and to attempt to run some events.

    If people have any requests as for specific times I should attempt to be around, please let me know; also, feel free to log on a bit more frequently so you don't miss out on anything fun. =p

    As always, players should feel free to report bugs and forward their concerns to me, either in-game, here on these forums, or through some other communication medium. If you see there's several players in game who are looking for something fun like an event, feel free to hit me up via either Skype or Facebook and if I'm around, I'll hop on and run a quest or something.

    Anyhow, thanks again for playing guys, hope to see more of everyone in the coming weeks! =D

    - Gunner -

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