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    Cleith'cys'Telem'nar Empty Cleith'cys'Telem'nar

    Post by DeathWarding on Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:19 am

    Faction: Cleaven

    Race: Drow

    Class: Sorcerer

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Deity: Eilistraee

    Appearance : Celith is a rather tall drow,  standing 6' feet tall.  With a skinny build. He has the charisma that makes me naturally "Beautiful" with how high his charisma is.... His dark skin makes his silver eyes pop from his hood which usually covers his face...His robes usually are of dark color depending on his mood.. He uses a crossbow now and then generally seen using his walking stick (a staff) One would guess he has a bad back or that he uses to it to keep himself clean by avoiding mud and debree. Usually he keeps to himself, but hes learning the ways of surface life as it comes..

    Background: Cleith, fled from the underdark due to his house (in UD its more of a clan/family) Being killed off by Do'larns. Lolth was the final reason why he had to flee to the surface.  Lolth has it out more  then ever for celith now that he is a "jaluk surfacer".  Celith still having to prove himself to cleaven being a drow and all makes things all the more difficult for him.  Keep in mind Lolth is a cruel, capricious deity who is believed to be insane by many because she pits her own worshipers against each other. Malicious in her dealings with others and coldly viscous to any surface drows.   Celith is devout to his deity... Eilistraee she is the deity of good drow and those of that race who wish to be able to live on the surface in peace.

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