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    Zane Corbin Empty Zane Corbin

    Post by InFliCtSuiCidE on Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:45 am

    Name: Zane Corbin.
    Age: Twenty-six.
    Phenotype: Human.
    Height: 6'2".
    Weight: 240 lbs.
    Hair Colour: Blond.
    Eye Colour: Light Brown.

    Affiliation: Cleaven (Loosely).
    Persuasion: Varying from Chaotic Neutral to Neutral Evil.
    Interested In: Women.
    Hobbies: Drinking, Wenches, More Drinking, More Wenches, More Drinking.

    Physical Description:

    Zane stands approximately six feet, two inches tall, weighing just under two and a half hundred pounds. His hair is an ashy blond which falls to about shoulder length, and his eyes an almost matching extremely light brown, bordering almost on golden. His arms, legs, and torso are all fairly muscular, much more so then an average person's. He possesses a myriad of tattoos covering a fair portion of his legs, arms, with several larger, more intricate pieces on his chest and back. Zane also features several piercings, with the outwardly noticeable ones being his ears, eyebrows, and the back of his neck.


    Zane, whom most everyone knows by his surname, Corbin, joined the Cleaven militia approximately ten years ago, when he was age sixteen.

    Prior to that, Zane was raised by his mother, a prostitute. He never knew his father, and grew up poor, his mother barely able to keep him fed and clothed with the proceeds from her lowly profession. Growing up was hard for Zane, as the other children his age in the village mostly shunned him due to his mother's work. He spent much time at home alone, reading, chopping wood, or attempting to work on small crafts.

    Finally, at the ripe young age of twelve, after receiving a beating at the hands of several children from his village, Zane decided that it was time to learn to defend himself; however, no matter how much he begged his mother, she insisted that there wasn't enough coin for even the most basic of swords. So, Zane taught himself to fight with a simple carpentry hammer he found lying around the house; he practiced with it every day, eventually even carving a crude dummy out of wood, possessing only a head and torso, that'd he practice hitting to hone his aim. Meanwhile, he took up a job helping a local farmer during the mornings, finally earning enough coin to purchase a real warhammer from an adventurer who was passing through.

    Several years passed by, and Zane had just turned sixteen, a birthday which he celebrated only with his mother, his only present a paid day off from his farmhand job. Shortly thereafter, Zane's mother passed away, the victim of a severe beating from one of her clients, which ended with her death as a result of head trauma. Zane looked in to her murder, which was dismissed by the local constabulary due to her profession. He found nothing of her murderer, just that he was a mercenary who'd appeared in town one day, and left just as suddenly a few days later, leaving Zane an orphan.

    Without enough money to pay for the small hut his mother rented, Zane left the only home he'd ever known with only his warhammer, and ended up joining the Cleaven militia about halfway through his sixteenth year of life. Since that time, Zane has developed a severe drinking problem, and affinity for women of ill repute. It is rare to see Zane sober, even when out on patrol or conducting an operation for the fort. Even rarer is seeing Zane in his drunken state searching for anything other then a wench.

    When not conducting operations outside of the fort for Cleaven, Zane can regularly be found either in the tavern, passed out in the barracks, wandering around the fort singing about wenches and wine, or on extra duty cleaning the latrines, a duty for which he seems destined to perform due to his extreme level of insubordination and dereliction of duty. It's even been said that he gave Captain Daler a kick in the family jewels during an argument.

    The future in Fort Cleaven does not look bright for Zane; he is unlikely to quit drinking so extensively, he routinely gets in to verbal arguments and even fistfights with his fellow soldiers, and seems to have very little interest in helping Cleaven grow. Without some kind of change in his drinking habits or his carelessness in combat, Zane will be lucky to live until his thirtieth birthday.


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