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    According to the Book of Corbin (Zane's Journal)


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    According to the Book of Corbin (Zane's Journal) Empty According to the Book of Corbin (Zane's Journal)

    Post by InFliCtSuiCidE on Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:13 am


    Much happened today, and I'm not entirely sure how much of what occurred I should record here; but fuck it, I've been drinking again, so I don't much care.

    Captain Daler sent me out to lead a scouting mission earlier, I was supposed to be tracking down Axfell patrols on the coastline; of course, rather then scouting, the soldiers that were with me refused to listen to my command, and got themselves killed attacking an Axfell party they attempted to ambush; lost ten soldiers doing that, I'm not sure what else to say; a bunch of fucking morons willing to die over nothing is all that comes to mind. One of those Axfells in the group I mentioned is a woman named Shea; I've ran in to her before, I fairly close to the outer gate of Axfell a few days back; she brought me to the desert for some reason, I was probably too drunk to remember, but she claimed it was because I was screaming for wenches; well, that doesn't surprise me, but whatever.

    Anyhow, so at some point I passed out in the oasis out there, and when I awoke, we spoke for an hour or so, about nothing of real importance. So, I see her again, and we wind up talking; she had two other Axfell soldiers with her; why they didn't just put me out of my damn misery is beyond me, but we talked for ten or fifteen minutes about some lizardfolk that had been acting up in the coastal region lately. After that, they headed out, and I had the wonderful job of reporting back to Captain Daler; instead of telling him that these stupid soldiers he'd sent me out with had disobeyed orders and got themselves killed attacking Axfell soldiers, I just said that we'd been ambushed by these lizardfolk; I'd slaughtered a few of them before while out scouting, and I figured I could fight deeper in to their home caverns with some additional support.

    Well, Daler being the complete moron that he is, he eats it all up, is hungry for revenge, so he sends five veterans out with me, and we head over to the coast to tackle these lizardfolk. Of course, these guys are pissing their pants at the sight of a kobold who can nail them a hundred yards away with a crossbow, and next thing I know, four of these five guys are dead. Sure enough, I'm about to lead the survivor out, and there's Shea; this guy has no idea she's from Axfell, but being the scared, tiny man that he is, he attacks her on sight.

    So, being the genius that I am when I'm a bit drunk, I knock him in the head with my hammer; that's treason. Then, I decided it was a good idea to stomp on his windpipe, and then he's dead; that's murder on top of treason. Couldn't even really tell you why I did it; not sure if it was because he attacked Shea without provocation, or because I didn't want to be on latrine duty for the next month for knocking out a fellow soldier in a combat zone; either way, Shea and I left the caverns, and talked for several more hours regarding our opinions on why these lizardfolk have suddenly become so much more aggressive; we reached the assumption that they're probably being lead by a dragonborn, or something similar, but we couldn't quite be sure with the information we had access to. Either way, we finished our chat and she left.

    So, I'm kind of scaring myself here; I'm a drunkard; I'm a womanizer. The Duke of Debauchery is a fairly apt title for me. But honestly; there's something about this woman. I've never decided it was a good idea to spend time with Axfell soldiers before now; I've never (really) committed treason before now, let alone murdered one of my fellow soldiers. Fuck. I'm not supposed to feel like this. Normally at this time of evening, after putting down a few bottles of wine, I'd be on my way around the fort, singing about wenches and booze; instead? I'm thinking about this damn elf. (Not sure if I mentioned that she's an elf before.) Either way, I need to stop writing; I'm going to get myself in trouble by putting quill to ink in regards to today.

    That's all for now; we'll see what happens with everything. Either way, Daler's still pissed; I lost fifteen men I was responsible for in a twenty-four hour period. Another two weeks of latrine duty for me. Awful.

    (End Entry.)

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