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    Item Balancing Information


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    Item Balancing Information Empty Item Balancing Information

    Post by InFliCtSuiCidE on Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:25 pm

    All right; a common question that I'm posed with when new players join the server for the first time is what level of items are going to be available; here is a breakdown of what should eventually be available for players.

    Random drops from monsters will eventually contain properties up to +5 Enhancement Bonus, Armor Class, and Stat Bonus, as well as other properties thought to exist on an approximately level field with those bonuses.

    Merchants should eventually sell items that will contain properties up to +5 Enhancement Bonus, Armor Class, and Stat Bonus; more often then not these items will only contain one property.

    Crafting-based stat bonuses are still very up in the air; because of how the module was originally designed in regards to resource placement, the likelihood of upping the bonuses from currently craftable items is not high; however, there is a consideration for adding additional resources from with which to craft in the future; we will see how this fits in with other item-related updates.

    The highest level property that should ever be available on this server should be +8 to Enhancement Bonus, Armor Class, or Stat Bonus, as well as any other similarly powerful properties not listed here.  These items will only be available via bosses in group-oriented dungeons, akin to dungeons in an MMO environment.


    The following is a list of properties that should not be found on items within the module.  If you find an item with one of these properties on it, please report it to a DM immediately and do not equip the item in the interim.

    Holy Avenger
    Immunity: Critical Hit
    Immunity: Sneak Attack
    Immunity: Knockdown
    True Seeing

    We do our best to monitor the module to keep items with banned properties from arising, but even we occasionally make mistakes or oversights.

    Players found using items with any of these properties on them are subject to disciplinary action.

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