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    Post by iceball on Sat Apr 25, 2015 1:05 am

    Cleavens is willing to help eachother, and i am glad to see that. However the generosety gone a bit too far, ouer chests are full and not of usefull things.
    I taken uppon the boring duty to look over the chests daily and i will remove anything i would consider trash, so that ouer chests only have usefull things.

    Today i cleaned the chests next to daler, the lesser items i placed in the one to the right, the better items in the one to the left. If you can help me keep order on this i would be gratefull.
    Do not be afraid if a item is usefull or not, if you think its usefull you take it to the chest, as said i will check in daily to see if everything is in order.

    For the resourses chest i would like people to list under this message what materials they need for there crafts, so we dont have feathers and dust laying around that no one need. So far i seen things like foodpotion, cotton, polishing oil and more in the chest. Cotton you can get fresh from the farm, polishing oil is avaible in fort aswell, and food ration.. rather buy them fresh from samin, well as fresh as they get atleast.
    Under this message i will post a list of the matirals i use in my craft at the moment, the things you list will ofcourse not be thrown out.

    Again dont get me wrong, i am verry happy that you take stuff to the chests, just ask yourself if someone may find it usefull, before drop it there.

    Thanks for your support to cleaven!
    ~signed~ Ethethrae Auvryani / Rae.

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