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    The story of Zodan - Ch.1 One of the Seven.


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    The story of Zodan - Ch.1 One of the Seven. Empty The story of Zodan - Ch.1 One of the Seven.

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    ///These events occur shortly after Zodans struggle with Jerrick, the villian that was an Axfell - this is to account for his absence from his duties to Axfell/Anphillia as of late////

    Winds gust and rain stings Zodans face, it is dusk. The sun is finally beginning its retreat behind the mountain, just in fucking time... He pats down his satchels one last time to check if he has ample supplies for the journey, not enough ale but his packs are heavy, his strong back just barely strains under the weight, for it's a long one back to his home. And just in time he's reached the entrance to the long road home through the underdark.

    "just in fucking time"

    He stand at the foot of the mountain defiantly facing the sun as it's light dies out and the shadows creep over the land, a small smile creeps across his face and he extends a large hand outwards with a rude gesture to its last light.

    He just wanted to see it get gone once more, his relationship with the daystar was a love/hate one.

    Into the underdark, through the secret passage no one seems to find and no one ever will, he hopes...

    He begins to feel more at home as he surpasses the complex procedure to find and pass the entrance.

    He reaches a safe spot and digs a dusty, cracked old map out of his packs and unrolls it, counting the days he must ration food and ale across his journey, hoping he has enough healing kits, hoping there is just enough trouble on the road home, but not to much. Such a trip can't go without some pre-planning.

    Thoughts roll through his mind distracting him from the map, now that he's somewhere familiar his comfort level is up enough to distract himself with the worries typical of a seventh son of a King who recieved a letter to return home immediately with no reason given...

    How did one of his brothers suits of armor land in his lap? Why would they discard, sell or lose it? Questions only his father could answer, he hated but trusted his father, he would have answers. If he was home...

    He sets off, the first few hours pass by uneventfully..

    Hours pass as he trudges deeper into the undermountain, past the goblin pits, none of them seemed to notice or care that he was passing by, not one raised it's weapon.

    "should've packed more meat, arms are starting to get stiff" he thinks to himself as he leaves goblin territory, almost wishing they'd smell the meat and send some action his way.

    Down deeper, almost dissapointed, after all it's not the destination that matters but the journey.

    Noise in the distance.

    Wonder what it is?

    His hurried steps slow to a creep..

    Unsheathing "doomscythe" as he called it.... Oh please let it be a wandering Drow patrol... Hope not to many...

    One... Two... Four.....?

    Nope... Five... Damn..

    He backsteps hurredly back towards a nook he past moments ago... It looked about Zodan sized, just...

    In his haste the stein at his side bumps an outcropped stone and falls to his side with a loud metallic thud, rolls halfway til it rests on the handle... The sound of failure echoes through the cave, the most horrid sound at the most awful time, he can only cringe helplessly as he knows they can hear the same damn thing. Who knew a mere sound could be so damn painful to ones ears...

    He's made, he just stands there cringing as the armor clad feet pound their way towards him. His weapon drawn, back to them... nonthreatening but ready.. They slow to a halt.. He can only hope they don't charge blindly into him...

    The heavily clad feet pound their way towards him, maybe the last sound he hears, no archers? really? Their approach slows as they get closer, his back is still to them.

    The old underdark stand off...

    Right now they're wondering, how many are with him, and how close by are they...

    A slender arm reaches down and picks up his stein... holding it infront of her face as if reading it, it's a mid ranking drow patrol leader with two scouts and two warriors at her side, the scouts were male, dispendable male drow.

    "You dropped something Duergar..."

    She was probably the most beautiful woman he'd seen in the underdark....

    "Aye, that... is my favorite mug... My brothers and I would be sorely dissapointed if I were to lose it..."

    "A lovely thing.." she holds it up to her nose and gives it a sniff... Her face fills with disgust... "your piss pot?"

    The four behind her summon a laugh, all fake, her disgust turns to them and they fall silent as soon as her eyes meet theirs, the two male scouts turn their gaze from zodan to the ground...

    She walks forward a bit, looking him over... Her steps graceful, with an unassuming seductiveness and confidence, greatsword in one hand, dragging across the ground making a horrid noise, she knew she was all that she was toying with him now, or trying...

    "You're one of the seven..." she says with surprise and satisfaction noticing his armor.

    "Your teeth would make an excellent addition to my collection" she says, tapping her lips, she paces, looking at him calculatingly.

    "I'd go up in rank for that, maybe even get off patrol duty" she chirps.

    Zodan knows the drill, he's been in this situation before, he's almost sure she's bluffing, he'd already be dead if she wasn't. They're scared, just as scared as he is, and she knows that he knows it. Plus, Killing one of the seven would have dire reprocussions, and both sides are reeling from that, and other conflicts. For once his blood is a blessing not a curse..

    He turns to meet her eyes, just in time to have dealt with the fear and surprise of being caught off guard.

    "Tell you what..."

    He says, not quite knowing what to say next, he hasn't planned that far ahead.. The head Drow tilts her head to the side, her slender phisique leans upon a greatsword that glows with energy, lighting up the cave around them with a dull green hue. She gives him that "I'm waiting, don't make me wait" look..

    His eyes can't help but wander across her figure, realizing it's been to long since he's bedded a woman. He pushes his desires back, time for business... But damn.. Always wanted to fuck a Drow...

    He blinks and smiles... "Woudln't that make you look like a stupid cunt, dead in a five on one fight againced a lone Duergar... Hell... Maybe I'll take three of you down and let the males run home and tell stories of your failure... But you best be sure of one thing"

    He points the tip of his scythe in her direction and continues

    "You... I'll make sure you're dead before this is over, you'll be first all that beauty gone to waste, and such a pretty sword, then your sisters, and if I'm still alive... then..."

    "Then?" she barks

    "Then I'll leave the menfolk to run home and tell of your failure, Imagine the stories they'll tell..."

    He's gambling, such a good looking woman's weakness must be her vanity, she's well kept, has the body of every mans fantasy, and her hair and face are perfect... And at her rank, the scouting party wouldn't make it out of this fight unscathed. He can almost guarentee to himself that he can take her out before they take him down, maybe one or two more.

    That's his gamble anyways...

    His fate is in her hands and she doesn't even know it....

    He's not taking his eyes off of her... Her lips purse and she hisses in disgust at the prospect of someone else coming home alive to tell of victory...

    It looks by her expression the gamble paid off..

    She holds out her hand and puts her index and middle finger under her thumb... The signal for rest of them lower their weapons...

    His weapon is still well prepared for a strike.

    She turns with them still facing him...

    "Which one of the seven are you?" she says with great curiosity in her voice.

    Her inquiry is confusing to him, why the hell does she care. Maybe she knows something he doesn't...


    She laughs... A self satisfied laugh, she slowly walks through the rest of her patrol.

    Zodan continues to watch her, his hungry eyes glaring at her supple ass...

    "Safe journey, Zodan of the seven..." she muses sarcastically.

    Zodans clammy grip on his scythe eases....

    She tosses the stein over her shoulder letting it hit the ground...

    "It's full of dog piss anyways..."

    Normally such an insult would mean death, maybe she's more clever than he thought...

    The Drow patrol walks off and continues their patrol...

    Zodan reaches down and grabs his stein off the trodden cave floor... Picks it up peering at it and smiles..


    He muses to himself...

    "She fucking wants me..."

    With the patrol long gone he has a drink, and continues on his way.

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    The story of Zodan - Ch.1 One of the Seven. Empty Re: The story of Zodan - Ch.1 One of the Seven.

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    The story of Zodan - Ch.1 One of the Seven. Hat-horns-a-warrior-a-beard-scythe

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