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    Ethethrae Auvryani


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    Post by iceball on Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:53 pm

    Name: Ethethrae Auvryani
    Race: Drow
    Age: 290
    class: Cleric
    Diety: Ellistraee
    Faction: Cleaven

    Ethethrae is always coverd up in armor and helmet, and if not that then wearing a robe and her helmet. her skin and eyes are rarely shown to anyone. If you see her chest showing, you would notice a amulet of a silver sword hanging in a silver chain around her neck.
    Drows generally not beeing welcome in cleaven, Daler was talket into give Ethethrae the benefit of a doubt. But even though the captain dont trust her, she work hard on earn that trust oneday.

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