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    5/02 - 5/03 Events


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    5/02 - 5/03 Events Empty 5/02 - 5/03 Events

    Post by manchu_fire on Mon May 04, 2015 10:43 am

    Can someone post the whole story behind this past weekends events? I was on for the Razington assault event and the very tail end of putting Cpt. Hullet six feet under but what is the story around this whole thing?
    Just want to be caught up and what to expect now that a few key NPC's are dead.

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    Post by kunou126 on Mon May 04, 2015 2:43 pm

    Lord Sten became ascended and we raided Ranzington and crushed his head in. We got a warning that the next attack will be in 5 days. There was some story aftermath I missed cause my character wasn't going to take lip service from a condescending Cleaven pervert.

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    Post by sniqow on Mon May 04, 2015 2:51 pm

    I actually had a write up for here typed out and in a window, but my computer crashed in the middle of the night...

    From my perspective as Zodan.

    The Ascension:

    The events of the first few days of the Ascension reveal involved Jerrick, a storyline player character(the stories villain of Axfell) merging with the character Zane from Cleaven. Jerrick was actually Zane who had been driven insane or corrupted by the Ascension in an alternate future timeline who had somehow found a way to come to the existing storyline. Once they merged Jerrick seemd not to exist. Jerrick was a very powerful vampire with godlike abilities.

    The ascension is an all powerful deity that acts as a parasite, feeding off of a form of energy at a point in time when any being that has a connection or faith in a Faerunian diety. The Ascension leeches the power from the stream or the god that is worshipped by the person/.

    origin unknown, had been growing in power since the begenning of the new Anphillia timeline or possibly before. It has the ability to possess anyone at will limited to a fixed amount of beings, what effects the limit I dont know, im thinking the more powerful it becomes the more beings it can possess but this is speculation.

    The peace Treaty:

    After running into Cleavens a few times in Ranzington Zodan ended up helping Zane prevent Jerrick from taking over Anphillia, the threat level of the Ascension was realized by characters involved in that storyline on both sides.

    After on and off discussions about the Ascension Hullet after being pressured by Zodan and possibly other characters that a Cleavens and Axfells should work together to stop the Ascension from taking over the Island.

    Zodan wasn't really involved with the Ranzington end of this before the Sacking of Ranz. But Lord Sten, the guards and citizens of Ranzington were all corrupted by the Ascension.

    The Death of Hullet:

    Around the time of a discussion the Axfells were having after Hullet agreed to the treaty, a small Drow task force originating from behind the barracks towards the farmlands attacked the Axfells near the fort and (the Drow) were dispatched, a letter was found on the leader of the small strike force instructing to move on Axfell, signed simply "S"

    (I forget the exact contents of this letter, maybe somone can fill in)

    The Axfell troops quickly gathered up and headed into the farmlands to investigate. While searching the farmlands for clues the Axfell troops ran into an army of Drow fighters, priests, mages. The fighting was intense and the sheer numbers of the Drow eventually wore the heavily outnumbered Axfells. The Axfell force was defeated save a lone Dwarf. It was then Hullet hearing the melee sprung into action and ordered the dwarf to raise the deafeated Axfells at Kalias. Alone, Hullet met the remainding Drow army head on in the farmlands. Although Hullet managed to defeat most of the force, he fell in combat.

    The raised Axfell forces headed to the farmlands and fought off the remainding drow.

    Olof Firemountain deducted that S = Sten & Zodan one day vowed to have Stens head on a pike.

    The attack on Ranz
    A few days later (in the shout channel) Zane and Sten were basically talking shit to each other while Zane and the Cleaven forces were preparing to siege Cleaven.

    Hearing this, Zodan who was with Axfell soldiers in Hope Canyon, Zodan and the Axfells decided to move to help the Cleavens in their attack, as it was deducted that Sten was behind the death of Hullet.

    The Axfells joined the siege shortly before the attack on Ranzington began, during the battle, Lord Sten was invunlerable to all forms of damage, one by one his troops fell until it was only him left.

    Upon seeing this the Ascension deducted that Sten ( failing to command his troops to victory, and failing to kill the attacking force because they would just haste run, heal each other and block him from finishing off those he wounded ) was unworthy of his gifts. It was then he took his magical gifts away from Sten, leaving him Vulnerable to attack and the Cleavens/Axfells defeated him..

    Sten layed defeated and while breathing his last few breaths, Zodan crushed his head under his boot heel saying "that's for Hullet". The forces who remained burned ranzington to the ground, killing every last citiizen in Ranz who were all possessed by the ascension.

    After Stens deafeat The Ascension revealed (in bond villain fashion) that Anphillia's time was short, and that they had five days to prepare for the end of the world.

    Zodan returned to the fort and as vowed put stens head on a pike in fort Ranzington.

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    Post by Djeserkheperure on Tue May 05, 2015 10:52 am

    Re: Death of Hullet
    Written in common, copied from Roshnak's archives
    Quest-Ascension-NotesLetters-DeadDrow-KilledByAxfell wrote:As we've spoken of, it is now time to move against Axfell; most of their soldiers are new recruits it seems, and they should be easy pickings; just stay away from Zodan, he has a reputation for tearing up enemy soldiers.  Remember, the point of our attacks is to remind Axfell where they lie in the pecking order; beneath EVERYONE.  

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