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    An unstable mind Empty An unstable mind

    Post by Adorital on Tue May 05, 2015 10:35 pm

    After having spent too much time in amongst the confines of city walls for the day, Ilana hastily departed, heading out into the forest to relax and feel free. She walked amongst the tree's, allowing the cool shade of the canopies and the gentle breeze blowing beneath them to soothe her.
    After feeling so tense in amongst all of the stone-worked buildings, Ilana now had a feeling of relaxation that she imagined felt akin to gliding through the air on the currents of the gentle breeze. She wandered aimlessly for what seemed to be quite some time, then.. then 'something' suddenly snapped her mind back to pay attention on what was happening around her. She heard a harsh growling noise, like that of a wolf, followed by the deep throated roar of some enraged creature.
    Ilana looked up and saw a Render. A massive beast, incredibly old and powerful by the looks of it, towering.. No.. 'Looming' over her. One of its massive claws crashed down over her left leg, breaking the bone with a sharp **Crack**. She cried out in pain, and heard a howl again. She was outnumbered, surrounded and wounded, she realised. And certainly, in a bucket load of trouble. She tried to get up, only to trip over a half eaten carcass. 'So', she thought to herself, 'I'm not the only one to have fallen into this beast's trap.'
    She picked herself back up again, half hopping, half limping away as fast as she could from the Render, though certainly not fast enough. Thinking quickly, she uttered a shrill whistle. A whistle specifically sounded to echo off tree's throughout the forest, and at a pitch higher than most humans, or even elves can hear, but animals could. Certain animals in particular. She kept on moving, waiting for help to arrive, and she didn't have to wait long, as a massive 400 kilo Dire Bear crashed through the underbrush and slammed itself into the Render's side. The bear distracted the Render for as long as it could, before the wounds inflicted from the Render in the brief battle caused it to flee, and so the Render sought to continue its pursuit for the Wild Elf lady.
    Ilana gritted her teeth against the pain as she moved further on away from the beast, back towards the repulsive city she'd sought to escape from earlier.
    She could hear the Render crashing through the forest after her, though somewhat more uncertainly as it couldn't pinpoint her exact location, but to Ilana's relief, she saw the gates of the city rise before her at the edge of the forest, and she quickly retreated inside the walls and closed the gate behind her, dragging herself down the streets until she found a dark alley to pull herself into and huddle doubled over until the pain ceased. She threw her cloak over herself to hide from plain sight of any passerbys, and retreated within her mind in the cosy dark of the alley and cloak cover.
    And so she started to calm herself down, releasing her mind to a peaceful forest within her own mind.
    However, as she was just about to calm down, she suddenly received sudden disturbing images, flashes of memory, things she couldn't recall, but rather, tried to recall themselves. An even more disturbing thought, the memories seemed to take place at the same time she was having her relaxing stroll through the forest before she encountered the Render.
    The memory was of being in the form of a wolf, stalking through the forest, sniffing the air and ground for the scent of prey. Something to kill and feast on. Suddenly, she had picked up a scent, a juicy doe grazing under the trees. The wolf stalked through the forest quietly, watching carefully to sight the prey before it sighted her. Then, as it came in to view, she maneuvered into position and bolted across the clearing to the Doe, leaping atop its back and bringing it down to the ground before sinking her teeth into the Doe's side, blood gushing into her mouth, pouring on the ground, the Doe kicking, screaming in a mingled mix of fear, desperation and agony. The wolf paid no heed to the Doe's anguished cries, merely continuing to rip into the still living Doe until finally, mercifully, the Doe had bled out. The wolf continued to feast on the rich, raw meat and flesh, scoffing it down hungrily.

    That must have been the corpse she had tripped over earlier in her desperate attempt to escape the Render..

    As the images and flashes of memory continued, she became more horrified, not entirely at what she was doing, because that certainly, was part of it, but that she had, had no recollection or control during the entire time this had happened.
    She recalled changing, shifting from a wolf, back into a Wild Elf, and with her bare hands, continuing to rip into the deer ravenously, ripping its flesh out and shoving it in her mouth, chewing and swallowing, blood running down her chin, soaking her tunic, smearing her face. Ilana hadn't even recalled being hungry before these events happened, she had eaten only recently before.
    And that's when the Render had come. It had struck instant fear into her heart and swiped at her, clawing her body, ripping her tunic. She cried out in pain, cried out in the anguished howling of a wolf. Then she'd turned around and growled at the Render, while it roared back, enraged. The Render raised its claw and brought it down on her leg, and that was when she had retaken full control of her body and mind..

    Ilana was shaking an incredible amount now, mixed in with shudders of revulsion, she brought a hand up to her face and pulled it away, her hand coming away with drying blood, the Doe's blood that was smeared on her face as she ate it.
    It would take her a long time to get over this shock and fear. However, one disturbing thing that may stay with her forever, haunting her thoughts as she questions it over and over.. That one disturbing thing that will keep her awake for many nights ahead, tormenting her.. That one disturbing thing.. The creeping feeling of pleasure and exhilaration she'd experienced as she made the Doe suffer, and saw and felt its blood gushing out of its body. The exhilaration too, when she ripped into its flesh and disassembled its body, eating carelessly, wastefully, as opposed to the precise, non-wasteful manner that she usually ate, and that most creatures usually eat.

    'Disturbing' didn't even cover it.

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