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    Bloodline... Transformation.....


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    Bloodline... Transformation..... Empty Bloodline... Transformation.....

    Post by DeathWarding on Thu May 14, 2015 12:10 pm

    Devian was born with fiend/demon blood inside him, kept secret for many years as dev'ian grew up on a secluded farmland his whole life until he fled to the island of Anphillia.  He obviously was born with horns and was always different from others. Never meeting his father because his mother told him he died shortly after impregnating her. Which  forced devian to believe it was just a "simple curse",Keeping the secret from devian, he only thinks she lied just to protect him from what could happen, he will never know truly if she was aware of what would happen to him later down the line,  never expecting for his bloodline to ever become activated..By of all people his real father, whom he ended up meeting...Most half fiend/demon are spawned deep in the dark, nether planes, these fiendish offspring are abominations that plague mortal creatures. Devian's slow transformation was different for him... Most Demons and devils bring their progeny along to the Material Plane and loose them upon the world. Sometimes, however, fiends force themselves on mortal creatures to create evil half breeds. The more depraved creatures are sometimes even willing to participate. However Devian does not follow that path parse..Although half-fiend offspring are usually destroyed at birth, some survive to become grotesque mockeries of their immortal parent that carried over the primary gene/blood.. besides horns, glowing red eyes, wings, tails are physical characteristics that are not guaranteed but all is possible depending on the activity of their bloodline and genetics.  Mostly Devian Never truly fits into any mortal society, half-fiends are usually loners. Even though devian is the testament to that, On the lower planes, they are mistreated and derided because of their impure nature. Among non-fiends, they are outcasts, hated corrupters of the natural order. Humanoid half-fiends are sometimes called cambions. They often serve more powerful fiends or lead evil forces on the material plane. But devian not so much... As time goes by devians learning to handle his red hot rage and anger that his demonic side brings, and the physical aspects.  Truly in his heart he wants to do good, but only time will tell if his transformation and affects will increase or not....

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