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    Post by DeathWarding on Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:29 am

    There's really no fancy lore or story on why Dev'ian came to axfell.   He really just needed a new line of work outside of farming all day & every day.  Dev' is the moniker he goes by..   Hes 24 years young,  and is a hard laboring black smith, who is very kind to every axfell, always trying to help bring "something to the table".

    Dev' chooses a scythe because its the tool hes used for most of his life farming, after joining the tide of battle with a scythe as his primary weapon it was not long to when it became a permanent part of him.  As much as a extremity is to most, you could say.  Alongside usually wearing fullplates of armor.

    Dev' was born with horns unlike most normal humans, never paying much mind to it really because he was always told it was a curse he was born with.  And the fact that dev's homeland never had a large population of people aside from his family, it was never drawn to question.  Until he made it to the mainlands of the island of anphillia did he ever come to question how and why they are there.

    Devian, since arriving on the island and joining a faction never really had a "real" reason to fight for anyside of the war, in desperation to be needed and having a sence of usefulness joined any side that without proper reasoning or beliefs. Hence why he has been bounced around from neutral faction to both sides of the war.  It wasn't till he grew into his true self that he grew some actualization.

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